Ask Our Experts: Qualities for Selecting a Product Manufacturer


Q: What are some things to look for when selecting a CBD manufacturer?

By New Frontier Data

A: As a rule of thumb, there are five primary considerations when considering a producer:

  1. Where do they source their hemp? Was the hemp grown from a licensed producer? Is the hemp grown domestically, or imported? What are their cultivation practices? Legitimate manufacturers will happily provide transparency about their operations.
  2. Do they have the appropriate licenses and certifications? Regulations vary from state to state, so due diligence about local rules governing hemp-CBD manufacturing are fundamental. Aside from proof of licensing, there are certifications to look for: At minimum, a manufacturer should have an ISO 9001 Certification (the standard for all product manufacturers), along with a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certification, indicating that the products they produce are made consistently and according to quality standards.
  3. Do they have a certificate of analysis for the products they produce? There is a notorious level of uncertainty right now around standards and advertised amounts of CBD. Some products may also contain harmful levels of heavy metal or other carcinogens. A certificate of analysis helps to ensure that one’s products safely contain the proper amount of CBD as advertised.
  4. For what other companies do they produce goods? Is it a reputable company? Do they sell quality products? If the potential manufacturer works with other reputable and established companies, it fosters a higher degree of confidence about aligning with them. It cannot hurt to ask around: How are they viewed by other companies? Have they been happy with their relationship? Asking questions is inexpensive; surprises are not.
  5. What is their production capacity, and what does their facility look like? It is vital to select a manufacturer capable of meeting one’s demand. Likewise, a tour of a manufacturer’s facility increases one’s understanding and confidence about their being able to fulfill a client’s standards. Their having ISO and GMP certifications are encouraging, but any reluctance to show a client their facility introduces some doubt about working with them.