Ask Our Experts: Which Ages Use CBD?


Q: How do CBD users vary by age?


By William Sumner, Hemp Content Manager, New Frontier Data

A: In any market, it is essential to recognize one’s customers. In the burgeoning CBD market, it is especially true, given the industry’s highly competitive nature and a general lack of quality consumer data. By properly identifying those consumers who are purchasing CBD, brands can better position themselves for marketing accordingly.

During one of New Frontier Data’s recent free webinars, Square’s Product Specialist Sean McClain joined New Frontier Data’s Chief Knowledge Officer John Kagia to discuss CBD consumer archetypes. According to data gleaned from the U.S. CBD Consumer Report: Archetypes and Preferences, while young adults were more likely to try CBD, senior citizens were likelier to use it on a daily basis.

Approximately 23% of survey respondents between ages 18-34 reported trying CBD, compared to 21% of adults between 35-54, and 14% of those over age 55. However, in terms of regular use, roughly 46% of CBD users over the age of 55 use CBD at least once a week, compared to 43% of adults between ages 34-55, and 31% of those ages 18-34.

While older adults and seniors may represent more stable consumer cohorts than young adults, there may be opportunity for growth in the young adult segment. Ascertaining which target demographic is more profitable is best left to individual brands themselves.