CBD Across The Pond: Cannabidiol Use In Europe

  • As of October 2019, 16% of Europeans surveyed reported having used CBD or CBD products; most of those consumers first tried CBD within the previous six months.
  • Though current European CBD-use rates are relatively low, given the recency of many first-time users and the rapid increases in consumer awareness, the number of new consumers is expected to increase.
  • Growth of CBD popularity and products is fueled in part by generally positive public perceptions; nearly half of Europeans surveyed (46%) reported having a positive impression of CBD.
  • Confusion remains in the marketplace about the nature of CBD, and the differences between it and high-THC cannabis.
  • More than half of Europeans surveyed (53%) thought either that CBD consumption gets the user high (25%) or were unsure whether it did (28%), despite CBD’s being non-psychoactive.


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