Enhancing Fitness with Cannabis: Understanding Consumer Behavior infographic

In a world where consumer preferences are as varied as workout routines, understanding your audience is key to marketing success. Recent research shows that 45% of cannabis of consumers pick products based on their planned activities, highlighting the need for tailored marketing strategies.

Now, let’s talk about getting high on fitness—literally. 14% of cannabis consumers are blending their workouts with a touch of green. Before they hit the pavement, 47% reach for cannabis to kickstart their motivation. And afterward, 47% using it to soothe sore muscles and 33% for a speedy recovery.

Intriguingly, there’s some gender differences in cannabis usage for fitness, with women favoring it more for post-workout soreness relief at 56%, compared to men at 40%. While men are more likely than women to incorporate cannabis into their weightlifting routines.

These insights unveil the intricate layers of consumer behavior within the fitness realm and emphasize the need for targeted marketing strategies. Ready to tailor your approach and stand out in the crowd? Let NXTeck be your compass in navigating this dynamic landscape.  learn more today!

Why do people use cannabis with fitness?

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