European CBD Perceptions Vary By Region

  • Conducted in October, New Frontier Data’s 2019 European CBD Survey polled 3,100 respondents from the continent about their attitudes and use involving CBD.
  • Among 17 countries identified through 8 subregions, French respondents were the least likely to agree that CBD had valid medical uses (46% vs. 55% among Europeans overall), and the most likely to believe that CBD should only be available with a doctor’s recommendation (49% vs. 36% overall).
  • Respondents from Switzerland and Austria shared the most positive feelings about CBD; more than half (53%) did so, compared to 42% of Europeans overall.
  • Though French consumers reported the lowest rate of CBD use (7%, vs. 16% of Europeans), they have also been comparatively late to the market; 57% of consumers reported having first used CBD less than 3 months previously (compared to 34% overall).
  • With generally broad support across Europe for regulated CBD products, 49% of respondents reported believing that regulated CBD is safer than unregulated CBD. Support for regulation was strongest in the United Kingdom/Ireland (59%) and Spain/Portugal (56%).
  • Respondents in Switzerland and Austria reported the highest CBD use rates (33%) and were the most supportive of the premise that CBD has valid medical uses (62%).


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