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Equio Retail Suite

Get Critical Answers that Inform Your Retail Business.

The Equio Retail Suite delivers comprehensive, detailed dispensary level insights across 4 dynamic dashboards, featuring timely data from thousands of brands and products, and millions of consumers.

Identify and attract high potential customers to increase market share and generate revenue.


Dispensary Audience Insights:

Our real-time insights bring the demographic and psychographic makeup of your audience into focus, giving you the power of precision for your advertising campaigns. Analyze how consumer audiences interact with your industry category, what they buy and don’t buy and how they engage with your website content.

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Attribution Reporting:

Your measurement solution to drive growth in retail cannabis.

When it comes to cannabis marketing, retailers and brands face a mix of challenges and limitations. Those who are agile, consumer-centric and obsessed with data are working smarter and thriving in the market.
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Cannabis Digital Marketing Survey

Cannabis Digital Marketing SurveyNXTeck and the Cannabis Marketing Association have partnered to conduct an open online survey targeting industry marketers to better understand and benchmark the current state of cannabis industry marketing practices with a focus on digital. Why you need this report:


  • More than 80% of cannabis marketers reported difficulty getting the right message to the right audience.
  • Cannabis marketers currently focus much of their limited resources on social media and other top-of-funnel brand awareness campaigns.
  • Most cannabis marketers work with shoestring budgets with nearly half reporting annual budgets less than $50,000.
  • Misuse or underuse of channels that perform well presents strategic opportunities to improve results from bottom-of-funnel efforts like email marketing and programmatic advertising campaigns.