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Federal Cannabis Policy: Facilitating Successful  Regulation

Federal Cannabis PolicyNew Frontier Data and Verde Compliance Partners have partnered to address some of the top issues and benefits facing federal cannabis regulation today.

Why you need this report:

  • Learn how the implementation of federal legalization could affect the size of the illicit market
  • What are the hurdles to the benefits of legalization like job creation and tax revenues?
  • See how removing cannabis from the federal criminal code represents a major step toward addressing disproportionate legal and socioeconomic impacts on affected communities.
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Cannabis Regulation: State Policies Primed for Regulation

Listen to experts from Verde Compliance Partners and New Frontier Data discuss the current state of cannabis regulation.

What you will learn:

  • A review of recent legislation: CAOA v. 1 and 2, Research bill (DANK), and SAFE Banking.
  • A deep dive into the Federal Standards Handbook: Cannabis potency, packaging, and labeling section.
  • What role the FDA will play in the regulation of federally legal cannabis if any at all.
  • How the federal prohibition of vertical integration will impact current state programs?
  • The states most prepared to meet the standards if the Feds develop a national standard for potency, labeling, and packaging.

Cannabis Market Opportunities

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