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Mexican Nationals Now Smuggle US Cannabis into Mexico

By New Frontier Analysts In recent years there has a been a trend of Mexican nationals smuggling cannabis across the border from California back into Mexico. This has come as somewhat of a surprise, as traditionally cannabis has been smuggled from Mexico into the United States. But medical legalization in California has changed that. California […]
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More Marijuana Initiatives this November than Any Other Issue

More Marijuana Initiatives this November than Any Other Issue This November, there are a total of 10 marijuana initiatives on state ballots across the U.S. This is twice as many ballot initiatives as the next two leading social issues by number of ballot measures. Minimum wage and healthcare reform measures each have five ballot measures. […]
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What the Surge In Public Cannabis Equities Is Telling Us About the Future of Cannabis

By Mitchell Baruchowitz, Kristin Fox and Glenn Taylor When Cowen and Company released its report on September 12, 2016, titled “The Cannabis Compendium: Cross-Sector Views on a Budding Industry”, it confirmed the views of many across the cannabis industry.  It was a welcome report as much of the analysis and metrics around investment in the […]
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Investor Interest By Cannabis Industry Segment

Investor Interest By Cannabis Industry Segment In September 2016, New Frontier and Arcview Market Research surveyed members of the Arcview Investor Network to understand how investors at the forefront of the cannabis industry view opportunities in the sector. Overall, the members were most interested in ancillary commercial product opportunities (62%). These are products which facilitate […]
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Marijuana Legalization On The Ballot - Latest Polls

Latest Polls For Marijuana Legalization – State Ballots

By New Frontier Analysts The latest polls show that most ballot measures for marijuana legalization are leading by wider percentages. The exception is in Nevada, where the electorate is much more evenly split between whether or not to legalize marijuana for adult use or to keep it prohibited. One of the challenges for marijuana legalization […]
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What Is Industrial Hemp? And Is It Good For The Economy?

When people think about the legal cannabis market, most of the discussion centers around distribution for and consumption of medicinal marijuana, and the impact of recreational marijuana laws in states like Colorado. Though made from similar plants, hemp is different from the marijuana people use to alter their mood or help them cope with physical […]
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Canada Marijuana Legalization Timeline

Where Does Canada’s Effort To Legalize Marijuana Stand?

New Frontier Releases Timeline of Events Canada’s efforts to legalize marijuana across the entire nation represent a significant policy shift, and potential test case for how the United States could adopt federal decriminalization in the future. Here is a timeline of some significant events to get an idea of where Canada has been and where […]
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Images: New Frontier Data Conquered the New West Summit!

New Frontier Data team conquered the New West Summit! New West Summit, co-sponsored by New Frontier Data, is the first conference to focus exclusively on the game-changing, disruptive developments in technology, investment and media within the cannabis space. New Frontier’s John Kagia, Executive Vice President of Industry Analytics and Giadha Aguirre de Carcer, CEO, discussed the […]
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Top International and State Markets by Investor Pool Interest

Top International and State Markets by Investor Pool Interest According to a recent Arcview Network investor survey, 64% of investors expressed interest in investment opportunities in the Canadian cannabis market, surpassing the 57% of investors who expressed interest in California market. On the International Stage, the level of interest in the Canadian market was nearly twice as large […]
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