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Response to Claims & Allegations: The Oceania Cannabis Report, 2018 Industry Outlook

October 29, 2018

Statement from New Frontier Data CEO

Response to Claims & Allegations:

The Oceania Cannabis Report, 2018 Industry Outlook

Recently, we were forced to terminate a very short-lived relationship with a company due to serious questions that we had over the entity’s methodology standards, leadership, corporate governance, and best practices.  

This same company has now made false, deeply personal and hurtful accusations against our company and me. Currently, we are in the process of exploring all available options to address these false accusations. Our company and team believe that the facts, truth, civility and professional standards matter. That said, at the appropriate time, we may have more to say.

Our team at New Frontier Data prides itself on releasing only the best original data, analytics and insights that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We use only the strictest methodology standards, proven best practices and we take a rigorous approach to all of our reports.  

We look forward to continuing our partnerships with other likeminded entities like CannaTech Sydney that hold these same values and beliefs. Together, we have conducted the first rigorous assessment of the cannabis industry in Oceania, and we remain committed to gaining a better understanding of the region using our proven best practices and methodology standards.


Giadha Aguirre de Carcer

Founder & CEO,

New Frontier Data

Proud to live by, and be committed to, 3 core values:

Honesty, Loyalty, Respect