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David Friedman

David Friedman

Founder of Panther Capital and CFO Worldwide

David Friedman is the Founder of Panther Capital and CFO Worldwide. Friedman is also the acting CEO and publisher of Panther Media, which publishes Marijuana Investor News. He has been direct investing in non-public companies for more than 25 years. Friedman is a serial entrepreneur who easily blends conservative risk management with free-spirited risk seeking. An accounting professional and Chief Financial Officer, his experience cuts across multiple industries and ranges from start-ups to running a billion-dollar family office.

In addition to direct investing, Friedman also has considerable experience as an angel investor, as well as being a principle in both venture capital and private equity firms. Applying the many skills he has learned from navigating rapidly changing business environments, he has been studying the legal cannabis industry looking for investments that have the right blend of low risk and high reward.