Cannabis in the U.S. Economy: Jobs, Growth & Tax Revenue – 2019 Edition


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This report provides estimates of the total jobs, business taxes, payroll taxes and the potential excise tax revenues for the emerging cannabis industry. Insights from the report include analyses of two scenarios: one, under the current legal structure and two, under potential full federal legalization. The report will also examine the impact of IRS tax code 280e and provides a breakdown of currently estimated jobs and job potential by state.

Topics in the report include:

  • Total U.S. forecasted demand
  • Impacts of IRS tax code 280e
  • Federal tax projections assuming full legalization
  • Job and employment comparison: current vs. potential
  • Payroll tax revenues
  • Establishing a federal sales tax on cannabis
  • Current taxes and fees collected by state
  • Implications for policymakers and cannabis businesses

And much more…