Cannabis Proficiency Testing: The New Industry Imperative for Quality and Consumer Safety


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As cannabis becomes more mainstream and consumers are prioritizing safety and quality, brands and product manufacturers can benefit greatly from partnering with labs with proficiency testing protocols. In fact, recent testing data analysis indicates that cannabis testing facilities participating in proficiency testing experienced improved performance, increased accuracy over time, and process improvements that positively impact consumer safety and standards.  

This study analyzed quality and safety testing across the cannabis industry, concluding that proficiency testing, the mainstay for compliance and quality assurance in the legal cannabis industry, is a top priority as the legal market is projected to surpass $41 billion by 2025.    

Key Findings of the Report include: 

  • Analysis of data from bi-annual tests over the last six years shows cannabis labs participating in proficiency testing are performing well, improving over time: pesticide testing pass rates increasedfrom 86%to 96% between 2017 and 2020 
  • Proficiency testing is an invaluable tool for manufacturers and cultivators using in-house testing as a cost-cutting measure, helping them reach the level of accuracy of third-party labs. 
  • The Fall 2020 Emerald Test analyzed over 400 data fields and found a combined pass rate of 90% and higher, indicating that cannabis testing facilities are increasing their quality assurance standards.  
  • The average pass rate for potency is 89% over the history of the test, only dropping below 85% once (Fall 2018). 

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