Cannabis Tends in 2023: Products, Consumers, and the Impact of Prohibition on the Industry

This new report highlights the lasting influence of cannabis prohibition on the industry and consumers, impacting product preferences, social equity programs, and more.

Key Points to Uncover:

  • Prohibition leads cannabis consumers to associate potency with quality, resulting in a preference for flower as their product of choice.
  • Younger consumers with regulated access seek a wider variety of cannabis products.
  • Potency and effect remain crucial factors in purchasing decisions in regulated markets.
  • States are investing in technical assistance and education to support equity applicants and businesses.
  • Cannabis lounges are addressing concerns related to inappropriate consumption, public health, safety, and the growing cannabis tourism market.
  • Hemp-derived cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC are predominantly used in illicit markets due to limited access to natural, regulated cannabis products. In legal markets, consumers are less likely to consume them.

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