Cannabis & Wellness: A New Consumer Paradigm


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Cannabis & Wellness: A New Consumer Paradigm, released in partnership with SōRSE and Jointly, examines various facets of health and wellness-related consumption patterns amongst current U.S. cannabis consumers.  For each wellness practice identified in this report, individuals represented by New Frontier Data’s cannabis consumer archetypes illustrate distinct motivations and use cases to provide an understanding of consumer behaviors across the health spectrum.

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  • Relaxation and stress relief are the leading reasons for cannabis use, and 52% of current consumers reported taking cannabis to improve their mental health during the pandemic.
  • Combining cannabis and exercise challenges the longstanding “unhealthy, sedentary stoner” stereotype, and 13% of consumers reporting regular use of cannabis before exercise to improve training.
  • Alcohol replacement may be more successful for consumers as legal access to infused beverages expands, with 47% of cannabis consumers replacing at least some alcohol use with cannabis, and opportunities exist for producers of infused beverages as they are increasingly viewed as a more suitable replacement for drinking a beverage.

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