Equio® Essential Subscription – Special Offer For Investors Only!

$99.00 $69.00 / month

Equio is designed to provide all the insight you need to identify opportunities, assess risk, and manage your business in the ever-changing cannabis industry.



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What is included in your Equio Essential subscription:

  • Investor Tools
    • WeedEX Real-time Stock Ticker & Indices + Public Cannabis Company Profiles
    • U.S. Investment Opportunity Rankings (limited view)
    • Daily targeted and curated news w/ archives
    • Medical and adult use sales & projections
    • Access to Industry Insights Webinars + Archives
    • U.S. Interactive Data Map
    • Country profiles
  • Researcher Tools
    • Patient saturation and patient count indices by state
    • Weekly CannaBits + archives
    • NFD Presentation Decks
    • NFD CannaClips + archives
    • Downloadable Report Library Executive Summaries
    • CannaCal Industry event listings
    • Consult with an industry expert
  • Operator Tools
    • U.S. Cannabis Job Listings
    • Consumer Retail Pricing Index
    • U.S. Cannabis Tax Rates by State, County & City
    • U.S. Cannabis Tax Notices

Plus, access to our full selection of free reports + your purchased reports right in the browser!