Global Cannabis Trade: Emerging Regional Import & Export Opportunities


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With more than 70 countries globally having liberalized their cannabis policies, a foundation is being set for the emergence of a global cannabis economy. In our latest report, Global Cannabis Trade: Emerging Regional Import & Export Opportunities, we reveal opportunities presented by the creation of the new legal markets and examine logistical challenges of crafting a safe and stable marketplace for consumers.

Key Report Findings:

  • Medical use:  The global market is primarily medical, but the diversity of cannabis products will continue to create new opportunities for producers as well as new regulatory responses from nation-states.
  • Mega-producers: China is estimated to produce 50% of all hemp grown globally, and countries that are strongly positioned to undercut production costs are increasingly likely to become the locus of production for cannabis biomass.
  • Complex regulatory environment: In 2020 alone, only 74% of permitted flower in Canada was shipped for export; for cannabis oils, the percentage was 49%, an indication of the difficulties in projecting demand across foreign markets presented by complex regulatory frameworks.