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New Frontier explores the outlook for legal cannabis across the globe in the 2016 Global Legal Cannabis Markets: A Worldwide View.  With marijuana legalization often being approached in piecemeal and patchwork fashion, New Frontier will shed light on the current approaches to marijuana regulation in key markets, as well as factors that may impact the evolution of those markets in the coming years.  Additionally, New Frontier adopts a global perspective to identify the top developments that will shape the growth and trajectory of legal marijuana markets around the world in the year ahead. This report will help industry participants better understand the rapidly evolving global landscape and be better prepared for the expanding worldwide opportunity of legal cannabis. These are the countries that New Frontier examines in the report:
·         Australia
·         Canada
·         Colombia
·         Israel
·         Germany
·         Jamaica
·         Mexico
·         Spain
·         Uruguay

* Published March 2015

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