EU CBD Consumer Report Series: Segmentation & Archetypes


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New Frontier Data is proud to present a second and more holistic understanding about European’s preference to consume or abstain from CBD: EU CBD Consumer Report Series: Segmentation & Archetypes. Drawing from a survey of European CBD consumers administered to over 3,000 individuals across 17 European nations, this report defines the results of the largest consumer archetype study for CBD use in the region to date.

Topics in this report include:

  • Nine distinct archetypes of CBD consumers and nonconsumers
  • CBD views and use by age and gender
  • Primary reason consumers use or purchase CBD
  • Breakdown of mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors among CBD consumers and nonconsumers
  • Influencing factors for an individual’s willingness to engage in the market.
  • Opportunities to capture underserved market segments
  • And much more!

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