U.S. Hemp Market: 2019 States Ranking


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Hemp Business Journal (HBJ), a division of New Frontier Data in collaboration with Vote Hemp, is proud to present the U.S. Hemp Market: 2019 States Ranking report. HBJ publishes the hemp industry’s definitive market reports on the U.S and global hemp markets including the Global State of Hemp and The CBD Report.

This report is Hemp Business Journal’s first report to provide in-depth and strategic insights on U.S. state hemp markets. With this report, you’ll be informed and have an edge on your competition by knowing which states are leading the U.S. industry and which states are positioned to be the dominant state markets in years to come. Learn where it is best to buy and sell raw hemp products, and which states are best to set-up, operate, expand, and/or invest in a U.S. hemp business!

This report covers:

  • Rankings of the ‘Top 10 Hemp States’ in the country. See where and why we ranked the top 10.
  • Coverage on ‘States to Watch’ for you to learn which states are poised for growth and will shape the U.S. market in 2020 (and beyond).
  • See which states we predict will break into the Top 10 in 2020. Be prepared for this year’s harvest and next year’s planting seasons.
  • 2018 state hemp harvest data and 2019 acres under license data.
  • Analysis and charts on state licensing data and application processes. Learn which states are issuing the most licenses; growing vs. processing license data.
  • See how much hemp we predict will be harvested this year through 2022.
  • Learn about the different rules, regulations, and laws in the Top 10 Hemp States.
  • Get an edge by knowing which states have more business and investment-friendly regulations and laws.

And much more…