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Awaiting Word on Rescheduling, the Market Watches Epidiolex

By William Sumner, Hemp Business Journal Contributor Pending word at any time, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is expected to reschedule Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug derived from cannabis. An announcement was due on Sept. 23, but by press time remained forthcoming. Manufactured by the London-based GW Pharmaceuticals, the drug has been shown to […]
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Despite Bumps, CBD Market Growing Toward Convenience Store Shelves

By William Sumner, Hemp Business Journal Contributor The potential both practical and profitable for cannabidiol (CBD) has been gaining an increasing amount of national attention. From alleviating intractable seizures to soothing anxiety, CBD’s health benefits have (anecdotally) become well known, which has translated to millions of dollars’ worth of investment from entrepreneurs and [...]
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Charlotte’s Web Holdings (CNSX: CWEB) Quietly Raises $100 Million in IPO

By William Sumner, Hemp Business Journal Contributor It has been a busy, yet quiet week for the hemp-based CBD oil producer Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. On August 30, 2018, the company reported the successful closing of its previously announced initial public offering (IPO), as well as a secondary offering of its common shares. Charlotte’s Web […]
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Cannabis Jobs and Revenue Potential for Native Americans

  Among factors cited by experts identifying longtime tribal joblessness and an economic malaise are underinvestment in tribal areas, a lack of resources, and low educational attainment. Some tribes have turned to gambling to drive economic development, but casino and gaming opportunities are limited and do not have as wide spread an economic impact as most […]
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Can Cannabis Offer Remedy to Chronic Economic Woes Among Native American Communities?

By J.J. McCoy, Senior Managing Editor for New Frontier Data To read or hear the headlines through mainstream media these days, one thing that most Americans can agree on is that the U.S. economy is experiencing its best shape in decades. Hiring is robust with low unemployment, households and businesses are feeling optimistic, and stocks in […]
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Potential Cannabis Job Creation for Native American Workers

  Native American unemployment rates are the highest among identified U.S. racial groups. At 8.5%, the Native American unemployment rate was more than twice that among whites (3.7%) and nearly double the 2017 U.S. average (4.4%) overall. Some tribes face chronic, systemic unemployment rates beyond 50%. Cannabis jobs on Native lands would be similar in […]
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