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Ask Our Experts 08/05/2018

  Q: I currently have 14 different stocks, but they’re all penny stocks ($0.01 to $0.35 a share); what is your recommendation for more of these, and am I investing in the wrong place? A: Investing in penny stocks is one among many investment strategies to gain exposure to the burgeoning cannabis industry. As investors […]
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Ask Our Experts 07/29/2018

  Q: What collaboration trends and challenges do you foresee between cannabis product suppliers and their logistics partners? A: Among the industry’s greatest challenges thus far is streamlining the supply chain. For example, relying on growers’ alerting buyers about which products they have via text message or email is inefficient and makes it impossible to […]
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Ask Our Experts 07/22/2018

  Q: What factors would you suggest using to quantify the potential market sizes for geographically specific dispensary sites under consideration? A: New Frontier Data has often worked with clients among various states seeking to analyze a given market opportunity down to a county or city level. To best quantify any potential market’s size, factors […]
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Ask Our Experts 07/15/2018

  Q: What are the implications and big-picture potential of the emerging CBD market in the hemp and cannabis space? And where do you see the biggest/best potential for CBD companies to flourish? A: The emerging CBD market holds major implications — valued at billions of dollars — on a wide range of industries, including […]
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Ask Our Experts 07/08/2018

  Q. In this emerging market with extraordinarily high potential, the U.S. has allowed Canada to get a major head start: Is this a death knell for the opportunity for the U.S. to become a leader in this market as it has done so successfully in technology? A. The U.S. is indeed now facing an […]
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Ask Our Experts 07/01/2018

  Q: How long will it take for banks to start accepting cash being taken in through dispensaries and other cannabis businesses?   A: One of the lingering myths about the industry is that cannabis-related businesses do not have access to any banks or financial services. Cannabis businesses may be able to create accounts and […]
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