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Trump, Spicer and Sessions: Why We’re Not Panicking and You Shouldn’t Either

By Robert T. Hoban, Esq. Over the past two weeks, comments from certain members of the Trump Administration, including Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, have given the marijuana industry plenty to talk about. At a multi-topic press conference on February 23rd, one quick question to Spicer about Trump’s priorities for federal […]
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Cannabis in America: The Tipping Point?

By Robert T. Hoban, Esq. The 2016 election presented controversial candidates, salacious issues, and perhaps even unexpected, results.  The pre-election day hype seemed to focus on the circus-like environment surrounding the individual presidential candidates.  However, a far more interesting political effort was simultaneously moving forward.  This effort was well-organized, well-funded, [...]
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Investing in the Cannabis industry

Top Ten Issues for Investors in the Cannabis Industry

By Robert T. Hoban, Esq. Tremendous entrepreneurial investment opportunities are unfolding as more and more states (and countries) legalize medical and recreational marijuana along with the (re)development of the industrial hemp sector in the United States. The regulated cannabis industry presents an interesting and dynamic forum for a variety of business and investor issues. With […]
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