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Oregon Retail Flower Sales Soar as the Price Per Gram Falls

  In 15 months, the average price per retail gram of flower plunged from $9.79 to $5.77, fueled by increased competition and greater operational efficiency. Meanwhile, the volume of flower sold grew dramatically, as more consumers transitioned to the legal market from illicit purchasing. While average consumer spending per transaction ($35.25) barely moved, the lower […]
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Colorado Flower Sales Exceed 1.1 Million Pounds Since Market’s Launch

  Newly released data from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division marks dramatic growth in the state’s volume of flower sold, from 25.2 thousand pounds in Q1-2014 to 100.4 thousand pounds in Q4-2017. Across the four-year period, the state sold more than 1.1 million pounds of flower, almost equally divided between the medical and adult-use markets. […]
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