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California Cultivation Licenses Top Counties

Some notable trends emerged through New Frontier Data’s analysis of where California’s 3,040 cultivation licenses have been issued as of July 18. Out of the 27 participating counties, Santa Barbara and Humboldt account for more than half (52%) of the active growers licenses. Monterey and Merced counties mark the state’s unofficial southern divide, there are […]
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Banks and Credit Unions Working with Cannabis Business in the U.S.

  Despite federal prohibition of cannabis, the number of U.S. financial institutions serving the industry increased more than 29% in 18 months. Most institutions are state-chartered banks and credit unions; national banks avoid plant-touching businesses pending formal clarity of federal rules regarding cannabis businesses. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) guidelines compel [...]
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National Arrests for Cannabis-Related Offenses 1996-2016

  Despite the majority of states allowing medical cannabis use, cannabis leads drug-related prosecutions in the U.S by a significant margin. Over 650,000 people were arrested for cannabis-related offenses in 2016, the most recent year for which data is available. This was virtually unchanged from 2015, but down 24% from a peak of 873,000 arrests […]
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Marijuana Arrests Nationally Remain Well Above Historic Lows

Marijuana Arrests Nationally Remain Well Above Historic Lows In 2015 someone in the U.S. was arrested on marijuana charges every 49 seconds. Nine in ten of the 643,000 people arrested (89%) were charged only with possession while 11% faced more serious charges related to manufacture and sale of cannabis products. Overall, cannabis arrests have fallen […]
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The Dramatic Decline In Marijuana Arrests in Washington D.C. Since Adult Use Legalization

Dramatic Decline In Marijuana Arrests In Washington, DC Since Adult Use Legalization

Arrests for marijuana-related offenses in Washington D.C. began falling in 2011, but since city residents legalized adult use in 2014, the decline has been dramatic. Total arrests have fallen 95% since 2011, and arrests for possession alone have fallen 99% over the same period. Concerns about the social and economic impact of the city’s arrest […]
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Total Arrests for Drug Possession (1995 - 2014)

Total Arrests For Drug Possession From 1995 To 2014

  Over the past 20 years, the number of arrests for drug possession has increased 17% from 1.1 million in 1995 to 1.3 million in 2014. Marijuana possession remains the biggest contributor, accounting for nearly half of all arrests in 2014. Even though they only account for 6% of all arrests, the number of arrests […]
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