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Data Power in Equio

  New Frontier Data's proprietary Equio platform uses millions of data points gathered from government agencies, industry groups, and 100+ cannabis premier industry partners and to provide you the essential data, analysis, and intelligence to strengthen your position in the cannabis industry.  Chose the Equio level best suited to keep you strong in 2018  Equio Essential Designed […]
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Cultivation Licenses in Colorado

  Cultivation licenses are a strong proxy for activity and growth in the cultivation supplies market. Colorado now has more than 1,450 cultivators licensed to grow its medical and adult-use cannabis. As the number of medical cultivators remained steady since 2014, licensed adult-use cultivators meanwhile increased nearly 2.5x, with an annual growth rate of 33.5%, or 28x faster than their [...]
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Growing Concerns

By Beau Whitney, Senior Economist of New Frontier Data Originally Published on magazine, Forward (Collins, H., & Loehrke, M. (2017, September 1). Growing Concerns. FMS forward, 1(2), 24-27.). Community institutions have long been seen as a natural partner to small business. But when the business in question is selling marijuana, regulatory and reputational concerns have caused many […]
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Cannabis Taxes Are A Boon for Colorado’s Government’s Coffers

Cannabis Taxes Are A Boon for Colorado's Government's Coffers In three years of Colorado's legalized adult use cannabis, the state has collected over $236 million combined from its 2.9% sales tax and 10% retail tax. Denver leads the state in cannabis revenues, having raised nearly $88 million from adult use sales -- more than the $80.5 million raised by the next […]
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Diversity & Community Impact Fall Short in PA Grower’s Application

Pennsylvania Growers’ Scores Yield a Bumpy Crop  Pennsylvania awarded its first 12 cultivation licenses from 163 reviewed applicants. The top four evaluation criteria included 1) a diversity plan, 2) community impact, 3) business history and operational capacity, and 4) capital requirements. The average score among applicants was 63% of the potential maximum. While the state’s […]
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Bayer/Monsanto Merger and a Potential Future for Cannabis Farming

By New Frontier Analysts Six of the world’s largest agribusiness companies are currently working on merger deals that could reshape American and global agriculture. The most notable of the mergers is the proposed deal between chemical giant Bayer, and agriculture seed and pesticide giant Monsanto. This proposed merger is currently structured at $66 billion. To […]
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Surging Adult Use, Marijuana Cultivation Is Fueling Electricity Demand In Colorado

Surging Adult Use And Marijuana Cultivation Is Fueling Electricity Demand In Colorado

  Strong demand for adult use marijuana in Colorado led to explosive growth in adult use cultivation. Cultivation grew from 25,000 plants in January 2014 to over 280,000 plants in June 2015. This surging production led Exel Energy to estimate the marijuana facilities in Colorado consumed over 200 million kilowatt hours in 2014 alone. In […]
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Rapid Growth of Marijuana Cultivation In Colorado Fuels Surging Energy Demand

Rapid Growth Of Marijuana Cultivation In Colorado Fuels Surging Energy Demand

Marijuana cultivation for the adult use market in Colorado has exploded since the market opened in January of 2014. Not only did the number of cultivation facilities more than double from 204 in January of 2014 to 471 in June of 2015, but the average number of plants produced by growing facilities expanded nearly six-fold, […]
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