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Photos: DC Cannabis Activists Hold Epic Cannabis Giveaway on Inauguration Day

DC Cannabis Activists Hold Epic Cannabis Giveaway on Inauguration Day On inauguration day, DCMJ, the cannabis legalization advocacy group that successfully advanced Washington DC’s legalization campaign, organized #Trump420, a rally in support of cannabis legalization. The group gathered in Washington D.C.’s historic Dupont Circle where they handed out an estimated 10,000 free joints to [...]
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Idaho Think Tank Supports Medical Cannabis

By New Frontier Analysts The Idaho Freedom Foundation, a conservative Idaho think-tank, has recently come out in support of medical cannabis legalization in the state. Wayne Hoffman, executive director of the think-tank made this stance known on the Freedom Foundation’s blog. The Freedom Foundation’s reasoning was in line with its free-market ideology, citing the harms […]
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Marijuana Legalization On The Ballot - Latest Polls

Latest Polls For Marijuana Legalization – State Ballots

By New Frontier Analysts The latest polls show that most ballot measures for marijuana legalization are leading by wider percentages. The exception is in Nevada, where the electorate is much more evenly split between whether or not to legalize marijuana for adult use or to keep it prohibited. One of the challenges for marijuana legalization […]
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Canada Marijuana Legalization Timeline

Where Does Canada’s Effort To Legalize Marijuana Stand?

New Frontier Releases Timeline of Events Canada’s efforts to legalize marijuana across the entire nation represent a significant policy shift, and potential test case for how the United States could adopt federal decriminalization in the future. Here is a timeline of some significant events to get an idea of where Canada has been and where […]
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Where Do The Presidential Candidates Stand On Marijuana Legalization?

By New Frontier Analysts Pro-cannabis positions reflect changing American attitudes towards the issue For an election that has been defined by disagreements, harsh rhetoric, and historically high disapproval of the Democratic and Republican Party nominees, the 2016 Presidential Election also represents the first time in history that the top 4 candidates support some form of […]
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Dramatic Decline Marijuana Arrests Washington DC Since Adult Use Legalization

Dramatic Decline In Marijuana Arrests Since Adult Use Was Legalized

Arrests for marijuana-related offenses in Washington, D.C., began falling in 2011. But since city residents legalized adult use in 2014, the decline has been dramatic. Total arrests in Washington, D.C. have fallen 95% since 2011, and arrests for marijuana possession have fallen 99% over the same period. Concerns about the social and economic impact of […]
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States Most Likely To Legalize In 2016 - Medical Marijuana

States Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2016

  While support of medical marijuana and adult use legalization is strong within the states most likely to legalize, the passage of the measures is not guaranteed. Campaigns pushing a ballot initiative will need to raise enough capital to ensure they can fund a robust get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaign during the election cycles. Opposition campaigns will attempt […]
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The Surging Support for Marijuana Legalization in the U.S. 1969 – 2015

The Surging Support For Marijuana Legalization In The U.S. From 1969 To 2015 (By Age)

A growing majority of Americans now support marijuana legalization according to Gallup’s latest poll on marijuana attitudes. Overall, nearly six in ten (58%) favor legalization compared to just 33% in 2001 and 12% in 1969. Support is highest among young adults, with 71% of 18 to 34 year olds supporting legalization, compared to just 35% […]
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Unintentional Overdoses Involving Selected Drugs in Ohio, 2002-2013

Unintentional Drug Overdoses In Ohio From 2002 To 2013

  Ohio’s marijuana legalization debate is taking place amid an explosion of opioid abuse in the state. Since 2002, overdoses from all opioids have increased 347%, from 344 deaths to 1,539 deaths in 2013. Heroin overdoses alone have increased over 800% in the same period. If legalized this November, marijuana may offer an alternative approach […]
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Support for Legalization of Personal Use of Marijuana in Ohio

Support For Marijuana Legalization In Ohio For Personal Use

  With Ohio poised to vote on marijuana legalization on November 3, 2015, the outcome of the election will hinge on the votes of young liberals, according to a Quinnipiac University poll. Notably, Democrats are more than twice as likely to support legalization than Republicans, highlight the imperative of a large Democrat turnout for the […]
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