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New Report Offers First-Ever Overview of Global Total Cannabis Market

By New Frontier Data staff Whatever else that people might think or say about the nearly half-century international War on Drugs, by nearly any measure the results regarding cannabis have clearly fallen short of publicized policy intentions. Despite nearly universal prohibition, adults worldwide routinely choose to consume cannabis, a reality which underscores that to whatever […]
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Brazil Patient Participation Levels

  An estimated 22.2 million Brazilians suffer from chronic pain in the lower back and neck. Were Brazil to legalize medical cannabis, within the first 36 months of sales the number of qualified patients could reach 959,000 under a restrictive list of qualifying conditions (i.e., not including chronic pain), or roughly 3.4 million under an expansive list of conditions (covering chronic […]
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Change in Compensation: Working in Cannabis

  Annual sales of legal cannabis at Nevada’s state-licensed dispensaries are projected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22% throughout the next five years, from $289.8 million in 2017, to an estimated $772.3 million by 2022. Thanks to the state’s thriving tourism industry, growth in total sales will largely be driven by […]
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