Am I able to use the data within Equio® to create my own content? Am I able to share what I create?

The full answer varies depending on your subscription level. All Equio® subscribers can use the contents of Equio® to create “Resultant Data” for their own internal business use and analysis during their active subscription period. However, licensing rights to share, publish and/or distribute Resultant Data for commercial purposes are only granted at the Equio® Pro subscription level and above.

At the Equio® Basic level, you are able to share Resultant Data so long as (1) New Frontier Data is properly cited as the source* and (2) the Resultant Data produced is not being monetized.

Resultant data produced using any New Frontier Data product must include the following text: Source(s): New Frontier Data [Insert Report or Data Set Name(s)]

“Resultant Data” means data created by users, using the New Frontier Data’s licensed products or services, which cannot be: (i) reverse-engineered to recreate the original Products and/or Services or any content, and (ii) used to create other data that is a reasonable facsimile for the Products and/or Services or any Content.