How can I learn more about the consumer data included in the Retail Suite?

New Frontier Data was the first company to identify and define cannabis consumer archetypes. Since 2018, we have surveyed over 20K+ cannabis consumers to assess attitudes, perceptions and consumption across both legal and unregulated markets in the United States.

The dispensary customer data and consumer audience data within the Retail Suite layers the demographic data from point-of-sale and geo-location data with social science to match each dispensary transaction and marketable consumer to our proprietary archetypes.

Ready to learn more about New Frontier Data’s industry-leading cannabis consumer analysis?

  • Browse our U.S. Cannabis Consumers Resource Center (2022)
  • Access state-level consumer insights within the U.S. Consumer Dashboard of Equio®
  • Read our annual cannabis consumer reports within the Equio® Reports & Charts library to gain insight into the methodology behind our surveys and access our latest findings
    • Cannabis Consumers in America- Part 1: Dynamics Shaping Normalization in 2022
    • 2021 U.S. Cannabis Consumer Evolution: Archetypes, Preferences and Behaviors
    • The 2018-2019 Cannabis Consumer Report: Archetypes, Preferences & Trends
  • Download the NxTeck Taxonomy pocket-guide to consumer archetypes