What licensing rights are included with an Equio® Pro subscription?

An Equio® Pro subscription permits subscribers to monetize the information available within Equio® by engaging in the following activities during their paid subscription period, so long as New Frontier Data is clearly and properly cited as the source*:

  • Create and distribute the charts or graphs provided by New Frontier Data in Equio®. However, you may not resell or share data sets in the Data Marketplace in their raw or current form.
  • Use the content within Equio® to create your own “resultant data”, so long as that content is not an exact recreation or reasonable facsimile for the data or contents of Equio®.
  • Include the downloadable charts and graphs in Equio® in business materials so long as they remain unmodified and contain the appropriate crediting source as included on the image.

*Proper attribution requires the following text to be included within any resultant data or other materials produced from Equio®:

Source(s): New Frontier Data [Insert Report or Data Set Name(s)]