New Frontier Data’s analysis and reporting on the cannabis industry provides unparalleled insight into the key developments, trends, risks and opportunities in this now global sector. Our expert analysts, economists, and business strategists synthesize data from a wide range of vetted sources, including businesses, government agencies, and market surveys, then apply proprietary algorithms and leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning to answer the industry’s most important questions.

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This report examines current trends across cannabis and how the history of cannabis prohibition continues to have a profound impact on every face of the cannabis industry. From product preferences to social equity programs and everything in between, prohibition has shaped the cannabis narrative. As the cannabis industry seeks to set the record straight, it must address the harms of prohibition head on while meeting the needs of modern cannabis consumers.
A refreshed analysis built upon the most recent data from New Frontier Data’s annual nationally representative consumer survey unveils the latest cannabis consumer archetypes using data from our annual, nationally representative survey. Explore these Personas, with a comprehensive understanding of the nine distinct cannabis consumer archetypes, and delve into their purchasing behaviors, product preferences, and motivations for cannabis use. Embark on a journey to discover the intricate nuances of these archetypes and gain valuable insights into the world of cannabis consumers.

“The New Frontier report was my bible during my first few months in the industry, and I still go back to it all the time, for both the data and the insights it provides. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to “get smart” on the cannabis market in the US.”
– Associate, U.S based MSO