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Is New Frontier Data pro-Cannabis?
We take no stance on the legalization of cannabis across the nation. Our goal is to provide unbiased, authoritative, and actionable data that will allow our users: investors, policy makers, researchers and academics to make informed decisions in this growing industry.
How do you compare to other firms claiming to have Cannabis Market Research?
We do not compare ourselves to anyone else in the industry today. New Frontier Data is looking to service those who want to better understand the industry by providing them with vetted, comprehensive, and ultimately more reliable data to improve their research and analysis. While our own reports focus on proprietary analytical methodology, we welcome others to use our data and run their own analysis, thus supporting the industry’s continued growth in a transparent and sustainable manner.
How can I access New Frontier Data’s services?
You can use New Frontier Data’s services in many ways. If you are interested in our industry reports, they are available for purchase on our website. For different levels of Equio® subscriptions, please click here for further information. If you would like more information on our custom research engagements, our most tailored offering, you can contact For general questions, please contact
What are New Frontier Data's values?
Honesty, Understanding, and Respect
Why the horse in the logo?
What is Big Data?
Data is defined as statistics and facts that are collected together to reference or analyze.

Big data is a complex collection of data from multiple sources, rapidly accumulated for ongoing discovery and analysis. In-depth analyses of big data is instrumental in risk reduction, cost reduction and greater operational efficiency for any industry.

Big data and its proper analysis is crucial for operators, investors, legislators, and researchers alike to make an educated decision based on true statistically meaningful facts. The difference between Data and Big Data can be summarized by noting the 3 key areas of differentiation: Velocity, Volume, and Variety, whereby Big Data must cover millions of data points, across many data sets, as close to real time as possible.

Why are New Frontier Data's services needed?
Until recently, the multibillion dollar cannabis industry has been guided by little to no business intelligence, rooted in a lack of vetted and comprehensive data. New Frontier Data’s proprietary approach to data, meta-tagging, and analysis make it possible for investors, policy makers, researchers and operators to make informed decisions in the cannabis industry, while minimizing risk  – all based on authoritative and trusted intelligence.

Products & Services

What happens after I purchase a report?

All digital reports are fulfilled through our data platform Equio®. For first-time customers, there will be an email titled “Welcome to Equio!” with your credentials enclosed sent out shortly after the payment goes through (it may end up in your junk box). When logged in, please click the “Report” button on the top and then click “My Reports.” Reports come with printing capabilities.

Can I print the reports I purchase?

Fulfilled through Equio®, all digital reports come with printing capability.

When will your products and services be fully available?
Our market research reports are fully available for purchase, and new reports come out often. To find out about our newest report releases and get pre-sale discounts, sign up for our newsletter. Equio®, our real-time data solution, is available here.
What can be found in New Frontier Data’s reports and how can it be utilized?
New Frontier Data’s reports cover a wide range of subjects, including national overviews, state-focused reports, and subject matter reports such as Energy Use and Incarceration. Readers will be able to understand, assess, and size market opportunity, potential return on investments and capital requirements. They will also be able to craft sound strategic, operational and investment plans. Our customers will stay informed of global issues and events affecting US cannabis business interests, as well as monitor federal, state, and international tax developments that could influence their short and long-term plans.

Operators: Can customize value propositions and product offering based on specific and timely consumer needs. Are able to assess industry, competitive and legislative risks and are able to measure and track business profitability and performance against the industry as well as make informed business decision based on industry trends, market dynamics and legislative action.

Policy Makers & Community Leaders: Can assess the impact of legalization/decriminalization in their states and cities, educate their constituents, and make better taxation decision benefiting both profitability and socio-economic impact of regulatory changes.

Investors: Can identify best-suited investment opportunities to their specific interests and relevant to projected returns and growth. As well as, craft value-add business propositions in tune with market demand, industry trends, and emerging opportunity areas.

What is equio®?
Equio®  is a proprietary data and analytics online platform created by New Frontier Data, the premier data-analytics and industry-reporting firm in the cannabis industry.

Equio®  is designed to resolve three key challenges faced by legal cannabis stakeholders worldwide:

  1. What data is required and available to substantiate business, legislative and research questions?
  2. Where can the data be found to avoid having to piecemeal data sets after hours, days and often weeks of research?
  3. Which data is vetted and thus reliable to ensure equally viable and trusted analysis?

Equio provides centralized online access to the vetted data required to answer and resolve critical questions and challenges faced by cannabis stakeholders worldwide.

Fun Fact: The word “Equio” comes from the Latin word “equorum” for horse’s and “ore” for mouth, loosely translating to “horse’s mouth.” We at New Frontier Data endeavor to provide cannabis industry stakeholders vetted and reliable data straight from its source, in this case our horse’s mouth!

How can I be informed of upcoming features and report releases?
To find out about new or upcoming features and report releases (and to get pre-sale discounts!), sign up for our newsletter, The CannaBit.

Tech & Development

Who has the data?
Critical data lies at the source, with the Owner Operators, as well as with various government agencies such as IRS, DOJ, and NIH. The challenge is that Operators have been reluctant to share their data due to Patient Privacy concerns and until now have had no incentive to overcome their hesitancy. On the government side, the infancy of the sector and burdening bureaucratic process have enabled state and federal agencies from properly aggregating and disseminating the available data. Some data has recently become available from states such as Colorado, but given that the regulatory environment itself is nascent, data reporting requirements are still being crafted, and therefore data is yet to be properly collected.
How do you put together the data into a cohesive report and technology platform?
Our system utilizes a reciprocal data flow to give both best-in-class industry and customized on-demand reports and insights. Proprietary consumer behavior predictability tools allow operators to optimize their price points and increase revenues in order to maximize their profit margins. We bring this together with a news and reporting service providing in-depth coverage of leading production, consumer, legislative, and regulatory analysis from the nation’s capital, the individual states, and around the world.
What happens to my data when I share it? Will my patient’s information be published or become public?
New Frontier Data is committed to respecting and protecting patient-identifying-information as mandated by the law. We would have a very short business path if we infringed upon federally-mandated regulations. We have developed our technological infrastructure with that in mind, and will never collect any Patient-Identifying-Information.  Once data is uploaded to our system by operators or third-parties, it will go into what we call a ‘purgatory’ bin, where we will vet the source, validate its validity, and then, and only then, aggregate it with the relevant and appropriate larger data set so that we can continue to provide statistically meaningful data sets back to the data-provider and larger community. Think of your data as a drop of water in a bucket. We will never be able to pull your specific information back out.


Who do I contact for a media interview or for more information about New Frontier Data?
All media inquiries should go through our PR team:

Please leave a message with your inquiry, your name, phone number to contact you and your deadline. All inquiries will be answered in a timely manner as possible.

Subscriptions & Membership

How do I Subscribe to New Frontier's services?
You can use New Frontier Data’s services in many ways. If you are interested in our industry reports, they are available for purchase on our website. For different levels of Equio® subscriptions, please click here for further information. If you would like more information on our custom research engagements, our most tailored offering, you can contact For general questions, please contact