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“The cannabis consumer is multifaceted, and it’s important to have the right tools to understand and engage, or you’re just going into the fight unprepared.”

–David Johnson, Founder, Grassp Health & CEO, Cphere


Connecting best-in-class retail, consumer and market intelligence.

Equio provides a single-access point to five comprehensive data dashboards, our entire library of analyst reports, and international industry analysis.

Actionable insight for every stakeholder in the cannabis market​

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The first-of-its-kind global cannabis dashboard featuring market sizing figures for both illicit and legal cannabis around the world:


  • Market size and growth projections for both illicit and legal cannabis in 217 countries
  • Medical cannabis patient counts and saturation rates for nearly every country with legal medical access to high-THC cannabis products
  • Cannabis consumer populations, usage rates and flower pricing trends across regions
  • Regulatory insights on export legality and THC thresholds for CBD products

Actionable insight for operators, dispensaries, retailers, manufacturers, and their marketing teams covering the competitive retail landscape for every dispensary location in the U.S.:


  • Purchasing behaviors, shopping cart data, dispensary visit frequency, and top customer profiles
  • Dispensary foot traffic within a local market to monitor buying trends and patterns
  • Points of saturation by product type based on retail trends and purchasing data
  • Cannabis licensing activity and types of licenses at the state and national levels

Competitive intelligence on cannabis consumer profiles and behaviors, at the national and state levels, powered by NXTeck consumer archetypes and our extensive consumer surveys:


  • Cannabis consumer archetypes and their behaviors at state and national levels.
  • Product preferences, foot traffic trends, usage rates, purchasing behaviors.
  • Customer price sensitivity to inform your pricing/retail strategy.
  • Top 3 consumer profiles in local county markets with consumer demographic detail to help inform targeting, messaging and pricing.

Indices, market benchmarks and analytical content covering the financial aspects of the U.S. Cannabis Market:


  • Market sizing and projections through 2025
  • Indices and market benchmarks
  • Macroeconomic trends, legislative analysis, and regulatory insights

Critical insight on the hemp industry to inform confident decision-making for all stakeholders across global hemp markets, Including:


  • CBD and hemp seed retail projections to stay ahead of the hemp commercialization curve.
  • Hemp licensing activity to assess to progression of the hemp market over time and identify points of saturation in each state market.
  • Historical data on planted hemp acreage over time and by state to understand the evolution of the market.
  • Insights into hemp imports to identify opportunities for domestication and contextualize the impact of trade regulations.

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