27.7 Million Pounds of Legal U.S. Cannabis to be Cultivated in 2030; 20 Million Pounds More Than 2020

New report explores seven issues cannabis producers must consider to capitalize on new market opportunities. 

Washington, September 7, 2022 — New Frontier Data, the leader in actionable cannabis data and business intelligence, in partnership with Surna Cultivation Technologies, releases Growing Excellence: Seven Ways to Optimize Cannabis Cultivation in Newly Legal Markets, exploring seven issues which producers must consider as they build or upgrade facilities to serve newly expanding markets.

  1. Location significantly influences tradeoffs between indoor and greenhouse facilities.
  2. Automation is changing the game, but also increases the imperative for having the right people managing the system.
  3. Build vs. buy? Buying a well-designed facility reduces the time to operationalization, but if the facility needs retrofitting of major systems, the advantage of buying declines.
  4. Demand for value-added products will increasingly split production between cultivation for smokable flower and for extraction.
  5. Resource efficiency is an increasingly important competitive differentiator and one of the easiest ways to lower production costs.
  6. Climate change will have increasingly consequential impacts on cultivation environments.
  7. Future planning for where the market is going, not where it currently is will differentiate the most successful operators.

“The continued activation of new legal markets will keep pushing existing cannabis producers to expand operations and draw new producers to the market,” said Gary Allen, New Frontier Data’s CEO. “By basing their strategic plans around the seven key factors identified in this report, operators can capitalize on this massive market opportunity.”

Download a complimentary copy of Growing Excellence: Seven Ways to Optimize Cannabis Cultivation in Newly Legal Markets: info.newfrontierdata.com/growing-excellence

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