39% of Millennial Cannabis Users Report Consuming Multiple Times a Day

Washington, June 15, 2022, New Frontier Data (https://newfrontierdata.com), the leader in actionable cannabis data and business intelligence, releases Millennials as Cannabis Consumers: Attitudes & Behaviors of America’s Largest Generation, which identifies distinct characteristics and life-stage identities that distinguish this demographic cohort’s usage from that of other age groups.  

Born between 1981 and 1996, and numbering about 72 million in the United States, Millennials grew up in a period of rapid technological advancements and seismic social and economic changes. The report found that much of what distinguishes Millennials as consumers relates to their collective identities as parents of young children, their career stages, and the evolving normalization of cannabis since they were teenagers.  

“Millennials came of age when cannabis-related social attitudes and policies were changing rapidly,” said Gary Allen, New Frontier Data’s CEO. “As young adults, they watched the normalization of cannabis use mitigate negative stereotypes, and they have played a leading role in the emergence of the legal cannabis economy, both as participants in the market and as champions for change.”  

Key report findings include: 

  • As the first mainstream cannabis adopters with disposable income, almost half (49%) spend between $50 and $200 per transaction. 
  • 39% of Millennial users report consuming multiple times a day but with greater disparity between men and women as daily consumers than other groups. 
  • Millennials substitute cannabis for sleep medication at higher rates than other groups (77%) and have a higher recognition of sleep-related minor cannabinoids (CBN at 15%, THCP at 22%). 
  • 66% identify strain as very important in influencing their purchasing decision, more than 20% higher than the next group (Gen X), speaking to their sophistication as consumers. 
  • Given their status as parents of young children, compared to other groups, Millennials are more interested in consuming away from home, i.e., at someone else’s home (51%) or on vacation (17%). 

Learn more about this influential consumer group by downloading a complimentary copy of Millennials as Cannabis Consumers: Attitudes & Behaviors of America’s Largest Generation: https://info.newfrontierdata.com/millennials-as-cannabis-consumers.  


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