83% of U.S. Cannabis Consumers Use Flower Even as Exclusive Flower Use Declines

Washington, June 30, 2022 — New Frontier Data (https://newfrontierdata.com), the leader in actionable cannabis data and business intelligence, releases The Power of Flower: Purchasing & Consumption Trends in the U.S. Cannabis Market, which identifies distinct consumption patterns and examines mature market trends to provide insights on the trajectory of the U.S. cannabis flower market.  

The report found that while flower remains the most widely consumed product, a shrinking proportion of cannabis consumers use flower exclusively, with consumers in illicit markets more likely to use flower exclusively. Younger consumers are more likely to consume both flower and non-flower products than older cohorts who are more likely to consume either flower or non-flower products exclusively. As new markets come online, a larger proportion of consumers will likely use both flower and non-flower products, and brands jockeying for position will benefit from understanding product preferences across consumer groups.  

“As product options expand and consumers are more intentional with their use, we see that they complement, not replace, their flower consumption,” said Gary Allen, New Frontier Data’s CEO. “It is especially important for flower brands to understand the resulting impact on demand for their products, identify best-suited applications, and align the marketing and brand positioning to reflect their target audience’s preferences.”  

Key report findings include: 

  • Flower remains king, with 83% of current cannabis consumers using flower, accounting for 44% of total U.S. cannabis sales last year.  
  • Among current consumers, flower is the most favored (60%) form for consuming cannabis, especially in illicit markets where alternative, value-added products may be less readily available. 
  • Nearly 4 out of 5 flower sales in California in 2021 were sold in eighth-ounce units, but consumers have begun shifting towards higher-volume flower purchases, indicating a maturing, more confident consumer base. 
  • For 51% of cannabis consumers, a product’s effect is the most useful consideration when making a purchase, but as hybridization has eroded the utility of strain names as determinant of experience, education about a product’s flavor, appearance and effect is key to customer acquisition in increasingly crowded and competitive markets. 

Learn more about the role of flower in the industry’s evolution and the consumers who enjoy it by downloading a complimentary copy of The Power of Flower: Purchasing & Consumption Trends in the U.S. Cannabis Market: https://info.newfrontierdata.com/power-of-flower 


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