California Consumers’ Spending Up


  • With a reported 8.9 million Californians aged 18 and older regularly using cannabis, the state’s adult-use market ought dwarf all other U.S. markets.
  • As seen in other legalized programs, Eaze’s 2017 State of Cannabis Data Report found that monthly spending by cannabis consumers from 2016 to 2017 increased across all age groups, to averages topping $180.
  • A key driver of increases has been the proliferation of value-added, non-flower products (e.g., concentrates and vapes) typically more expensive per-unit than flower: Such habits reflect the popularity of higher-priced products, as consumers evolve from choosing single products (e.g., joints) to expanding their options (i.e., extracts, edibles, topicals, or other non-combustible products).
  • Average monthly spending is expected to plateau, then decline, as the market stabilizes with downward pressure on wholesale costs translating to lower retail pricing.