Canadian Market Projected Growth


  • The total legal cannabis market forecast for Canada is to reach CAD$1.7 billion (USD$1.4B) in 2018, growing to CAD$7.7 billion (USD$6.1B) by 2025.
  • The overall cannabis market (illicit + legal) forecast is for CAD$8.6 billion in 2018 (USD$6.4B), growing to CAD$9.2 billion (USD$7.3B) by 2025.
  • While the forthcoming rollout of Canada’s adult-use market is grabbing most of the headlines now, the medical market looks to remain formidable, from CAD$1.2 billion (USD$1.0B) in 2018, growing to CAD$2.3 billion (USD$1.8) by 2025.