Cannabis on the Ballot

  • The economy, healthcare, and COVID-19 pandemic are the most important deciding issues identified among American cannabis consumers regarding this week’s elections.
  • Among cannabis consumers, 92% believe that it should be either legalized (71%) or decriminalized (21%).
  • Meantime, 43% of consumers identify cannabis as a policy issue which is “very” or “extremely” important. Among consumers under age 55, that number rises to 50%.
  • More than one-third (36%) of consumers ranked cannabis legalization among their top five political issues, making it more relevant in their voting than immigration, taxes, or education.
  • In general, cannabis consumers are more likely to identify as Democrats (43%) than as Republicans (26%). Females and those under 35 years old are significantly more likely to be Democrats than Republicans (females: 47% vs. 21%; ages 18-24: 45% vs. 19%).