Frequency of Cannabis Use Among Consumer Archetypes


  • Among the demographic range of cannabis consumer archetypes, frequency of use varies widely.
  • Just over a third (36%) of cannabis consumers use it at least once per day, while nearly three-fifths (58%) do at least once per week.
  • Among the heaviest-consuming archetypes (i.e., Traditional Lifestylers, Modern Lifestylers, or Functional Dependents), between 65%-79% use cannabis daily, and up to 93%-97% use it weekly.
  • Men tend to use more frequently than do women: 64% of male consumers use cannabis at least once per week, compared to 53% of female consumers.
  • Younger consumers generally use more often than do older ones: Two-thirds of those aged 18-34 use cannabis at least once per week, versus 44% of those aged 55 and older.