Global Cannabis Usage Rates by Region

  • As part of our broader global-demand modeling efforts, New Frontier Data has developed a groundbreaking new model for estimating the worldwide total number of cannabis consumers.
  • With more than 260 million cannabis consumers worldwide, the global cannabis consumer market is far larger, more geographically distributed, and more lucrative than indicated by the few legalized markets.
  • Regional usage rates vary widely, reflecting cultural, social, and political differences toward cannabis globally; over the past two decades, cannabis-use rates have risen in most markets, indicating a continued growth market in coming years.
  • North America (led by the U.S. and Canada) and Oceania (led by Australia and New Zealand) have the world’s highest use rates. Notably, Africa has the third-highest use rates, and recent reform measures by governments across the continent, coupled with wide-ranging applications for hemp within the continent’s developing economies, are driving new interest in cannabis business opportunities in the region.
  • The size, geographical distribution, and influencing factors of global cannabis demand today will be explored in New Frontier Data’s upcoming Global Cannabis Trends Report.