Infused Products Offer Big Opportunities – If Regulators Allow

  • In 2019. cannabis-infused products (i.e., topicals and edibles) accounted for 14% of total U.S. legal cannabis sales (both medical and adult-use markets).
  • Cannabis-infused products are forecast between 2020-2025 to generate nearly $22 billion in U.S. sales.
  • Including CBD- and other minor-cannabinoid-infused products, substantial opportunities presented by the sector are fueling interest from investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Uncertainty exists as regulators (i.e., both the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and the EU’s European Commission) have proposed rules effectively constraining those respective markets.
  • Should the regulators permit open and competitive markets, cannabis-infused products would represent some of the most dynamic and disruptive market opportunities in the global industry.