Introducing: EU CBD Consumer Archetypes

  • Demographic archetypes of CBD consumers identify their frequency and intensity of use, and preferences in applications and products.
  • Most (54% to 98%) among consumers — regardless of archetype — claimed that CBD has positively affected their quality of life.
  • The most frequent consumers are identified as Exuberant & Intense, generally consuming CBD at least once daily, in a wide variety of forms, with overwhelmingly positive feelings about it.
  • Integrative & Consistent consumers are also frequent consumers, using CBD for many reasons; they have an exclusively positive impression of CBD, and staunch believe in its medical efficacy.
  • Skeptical & Limited consumers use CBD with moderate frequency, yet are also the consumers most likely to be unsure of its medical efficacy and least likely to support its availability to the general public.
  • Though they have very positive feelings about CBD, strongly believe in its medical efficacy, and support its broad availability, Receptive & Reserved consumers are more private and less likely than the other archetypes to have friends or who use CBD.
  • Ambivalent & Experimental consumers are the only ones not to have purchased a CBD product; being the least frequent consumers, many have discontinued use after brief experimentation, though most nevertheless have a positive impression of CBD and believe in its medical applications.


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