Oregon State Fair to Feature Award-Winning Marijuana Plants in New Showcase

By New Frontier Analysts

In what is widely being considered a significant step in the acceptance of the cannabis industry, Oregon’s State Fair this year will feature several award winning marijuana plants among the many agricultural products on display for fair-goers.  The plants were submitted by growers from across the state and will be judged and awarded prior to the fair by a panel of “cannabis experts.”

The annual State Fair this year runs from August 26th through September 5th.  During that time, nine plants will be shown in a separate greenhouse with its own entrance and exit.  The exhibit will be attended by a security guard and only people 21 and older will be allowed in. The exhibit is sponsored by the Oregon Cannabis Business Council (OCBC).  Don Morse, Chairman of the OCBC, said that the plants will be awarded in the same “4H style” as all the other plants, with blue, purple or yellow ribbons.

While they are not explicitly promoting the use of cannabis at the fair this year, this move is seen as a nod to the industry as a whole.  Since State Fairs are often seen as a celebration of agricultural producers, the decision to include cannabis in this year’s fair is certainly indicative of the direction that the state is going and the growing acceptance of the culture surrounding the plant.  The sheer size and rapid growth of the cannabis market in Oregon lends credence to marijuana’s status as a cash crop in the state and this is one small step to support growers at home in Oregon.

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