Six Years of Legal Cannabis In Colorado

  • Colorado’s cannabis industry has grown and evolved dramatically since sales were legalized in 2014.
  • New Frontier Data estimates that more than 80% of the state’s cannabis consumers have converted to the legal market, with some 800,000 frequent consumers now engaged in either medical or adult-use programs.
  • Throughout six years, legal cannabis has generated $7.8 billion in sales (70% from adult-use sales), not including revenue along the supply chain (e.g., producers and processors) or in ancillary, supporting sectors.
  • Those revenues underscore the industry’s economic value for the state.
  • Among the most notable market trends has been a shift from flower to non-flower products: When legalization began, flower dominated sales, but now accounts for less than half of the market.
  • The popularity of value-added products marks a critical trend in which flower will remain the leading category while accounting for a continually decreasing share of the total market.