Weeding Out Injustice

  • Despite a dramatic nationwide increase in the use and acceptance of cannabis, both federal and state policies have been slow to address long-standing inequities in cannabis regulation.

  • Despite 26 million regular cannabis consumers in the U.S. (and 70% of adults reporting cannabis use as morally acceptable), prohibition enforcement continues apace, with over 600,000 annual arrests for cannabis-related offenses.

  • Nationally, Blacks are nearly 4x more likely to be arrested as suspects than are Whites.

  • Even as total arrests fall drastically in states legalizing adult use (e.g., more than 90% in Colorado) disparities in cannabis-related arrests persist.

  • Post-legalization, challenges remain in ensuring equitable participation in the industry.

  • Critical lack of access to bank loans means that Black households (which average a net worth 10x lower than that of respective White households) are far less likely to fund business opportunities in the industry.