What Have We Learned After Four Years of Legal Cannabis Sales in CO

  • Since 2014, when Colorado became the nation’s first fully legal cannabis market, it has generated over $6 billion in legal cannabis sales.
  • Adult-use sales grew 300% between 2014-2018, accounting for 2/3 of all cannabis purchased, and reflecting strong, sustained demand from adult consumers.
  • Meantime, medical sales through 2014-2018 gradually declined, while bolstered by a strong medical framework (i.e., tax exemptions, higher quantity allowances for registered patients).
  • Colorado’s results demonstrate the significant industry to be created through legalized cannabis, with economic benefits derived through effective regulations.
  • As its extant cannabis consumer market nears saturation, new industry trends and innovations (e.g., therapeutic and wellness applications, delivery mechanisms, social-use venues, and a strong hemp sector, etc.) will keep driving lucrative opportunities in the Centennial State.