$97B in 2021 U.S. Cannabis Sales Fueled by Routine and Intentional Consumption

New Frontier Data’s research reveals normalization is accelerating cannabis as a mainstream consumer category.

Washington, April 20, 2022  — New Frontier Data (https://NewFrontierData.com), the premier data, analytics and technology firm specializing in the global cannabis industry, together with Jointly, a cannabis wellness company, have released Cannabis Consumers in America: Dynamics Shaping Normalization in 2022. Since 2018, New Frontier Data has surveyed more than 20,000 consumers to benchmark and analyze cannabis consumer behavior for endemic and non-endemic organizations.

“Cannabis is no longer a one-size-fits-all industry,” noted Gary Allen, CEO, New Frontier Data. “It’s now a commercial imperative for brands, retailers and operators to do the homework required to understand their ideal customer, why they consume and what products they prefer.”

Across both legal and illicit markets, consumption patterns are normalizing to where demographic variables such as age and gender are more influential than market legality in predicting behaviors that are increasingly routine. The report’s findings concluded that cannabis consumers are becoming more intentional with the plant’s use, and the primary reasons for consumption now span relaxation, pain management, improving sleep outcomes, treating medical conditions and improving overall wellness.

“Understanding what drives and defines optimal individual consumer experiences is increasingly important,” said Eric Gutshall, Co-Founder and CDO, Jointly. “As we continue to capture more experiential feedback, our partnership with New Frontier Data will provide the industry with a more holistic view into consumer behavior and preferences.”

Key Report Findings Include:


  • Nearly half (46%) of all survey respondents report using cannabis daily as product selection expands with more convenient, discreet and precise consumption methods.
  • With an estimated $97 billion in U.S. legal and illicit sales in 2021, cannabis consumer spending now exceeds spirits ($86 billion), validating the vast market opportunity.
  • Flower accounts for half of all legal sales nationally, but the majority of consumers are now using non-flower products, as the quality and selection of products expands.
  • The collective curiosity of consumers to try new forms of cannabis is fueling product innovation and highlighting the importance of targeted brand and loyalty strategies.
  • Positive outcomes from medical cannabis use are driving increased acceptance as half of medical cannabis patients report their conditions improved significantly and 93% report at least some improvement.


Download a complimentary copy of Cannabis Consumers in America: Dynamics Shaping Normalization in 2022https://newfrontierdata.com/cannabis-consumers-in-america-2022/.

New Frontier Data will release the second part of the 2022 Consumer Report series later this year which will feature additional consumer survey data.

About New Frontier Data:

New Frontier Data is the premier data, analytics and technology firm specializing in the global cannabis industry, delivering solutions that enable investors, operators, advertisers, brands, researchers and policy makers to assess, understand, engage and transact with the cannabis industry and its consumers.

Our mission is to inform policy and commercial activity for the global legal cannabis industry. We maintain a neutral position on the merits of cannabis legalization through comprehensive and transparent data analysis and projections that shape industry trends, dynamics, demand and opportunity drivers. Founded in 2014, New Frontier Data is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with a presence in Europe, Latin America and Africa. For more information about New Frontier Data, please visit us at https://www.NewFrontierData.com.

About Jointly:

Jointly is a cannabis wellness company powered by a proprietary data platform to help people reach their full potential. The company was created on the premise that purposeful cannabis consumption is the key to unlocking a better you. It has the industry’s first – and only – experience-based wellness app for purposeful cannabis consumption.

Cannabis wellness enthusiasts use the platform to track their experiences to improve their results. Their authentic, unbiased experiences create Jointly’s trusted cannabis product ratings, setting the legal cannabis industry’s first experience-based standard for product performance, taste, and aroma. For additional information, visit jointlybetter.com and download the app for free on Apple / Google.

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