Budding Bonds: Understanding Loyalty in Cannabis Sourcing

In the thriving cannabis market, understanding consumer sourcing trends isn’t just about attracting new customers—it’s about cultivating lasting loyalty. Recent stats highlight a notable shift towards sourcing from brick-and-mortar dispensaries, signaling a potential game-changer for businesses aiming to build steadfast connections. Even amidst this shift, personal ties with friends and family continue to wield influence, underlining the enduring importance of relational bonds in this community.

But what really sparks loyalty in cannabis consumers? The answers are not very different from other retail shopping experiences. It’s a blend of factors that shape their choices, from the top-tier product quality that commands a staggering 90% of their attention to the enticing array of selections, valued by 82% of consumers. Price, too, plays a pivotal role, with 79% carefully weighing cost against quality. Beyond the product, knowledgeable staff (76%) and convenience factors like location and easy transactions (73%) emerge as crucial pillars of loyalty. Friendly customer service (71%) and speedy transactions (61%) further solidify the bond between consumers and their preferred businesses. Understanding and catering to these factors isn’t just savvy business—it’s the key to cultivating lasting loyalty in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape. Loyalty is also fostered through enticing offerings like promotions and loyalty rewards, influencing the purchasing decisions of 60% and 50% of consumers, respectively. In the digital age, online ordering and cashless payment options (47% and 41%) have become modern must-haves. Unfortunately, factors like social responsibility and being a woman or BIPOC owned dispensary still rank at the bottom, with only 27% of consumers saying this influences their choice of dispensary.

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