Tapping into Opportunity: Strategies for Engaging Grey Market Consumers

Dispensary owners and cannabis brands, here’s a wake-up call: nearly a quarter of cannabis consumers still navigate the shadows of the grey market, bypassing regulated avenues. But what does this mean for your business? This untapped segment could be your ticket to unprecedented growth in an ever-evolving industry. Despite the burgeoning legal market, which soared to $28 billion in sales last year, the illicit market remains stubbornly ahead, raking in over $74 billion. Why are these consumers sticking to the shadows, and how can you bring them into the light? Dive into our full analysis to discover the key preferences and behaviors that drive these elusive consumers. Learn how breaking down barriers and expanding your product line can not only attract but also retain these potential loyal customers.

Ready to transform your approach and tap into this lucrative market? NXTeck is your key to unlocking growth in the cannabis market. With a significant portion of consumers operating within the grey market, there’s a vast opportunity to reach new audiences. By leveraging NXTeck’s insights and understanding of potential customers, you can tailor your offerings to meet their needs and preferences, ultimately driving loyalty and success in this ever-changing market.

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